Amazing Zelda

Meet the lovely Zelda! Zelda is a 10 year old fox terrier x who was rescued as a puppy by her owner Louise. Like most terriers, Zelda is a busy little dog and in June last year she ruptured her cruciate ligament in her back leg, a very common injury in our canine companions. A lot of dogs require surgery for this condition, but Zelda is an older lady and also has a heart condition, so the long surgery and anesthetic were not advisable for her. We decided the conservative approach would be in Zelda’s best interest, including medical management and intense rehabilitation.

Zelda began her rehabilitation programme with our own Veterinary Physiotherapist, Karen Kennedy.  Her sessions included the use of Massage Therapy, Pulsed Magnetic Therapy and Laser therapy to provide pain relief and promote healing. Zelda then began strengthening exercises to regain the strength and range of movement in her joints while also improving her core strength and stability. With more strength and more balanced and correct movement, Zelda would hopefully avoid any re injury in the future!

With the help of her very dedicated owner, Zelda’s super motivated attitude and commitment have paid off and she is now back in action and spending a lot of time having fun in her favourite place – the beach in Liscannor!

We wish Zelda all the best in the future. If you have a pet with canine cruciate ligament disease or with any other condition affecting their mobility, contact the clinic to see if physiotherapy would be of benefit.