Maggie’s Journey

Our Facebook followers will be very familiar with the beautiful Maggie, who was hit by a car in Limerick City and brought into us by a kind member of the public. Maggie had serious head injures and was unconscious when she arrived. She had lost a lot of blood and had fractures to her jaw, skull and pelvis. Maggie was not micro-chipped and was not wearing any collar and despite the huge amount of publicity her photo’s received online, nobody ever came forward to claim Maggie.

Maggie received intensive emergency treatment and came around that evening. Even though she was receiving strong pain relief, she must have been so sore, but she still purred every time we gave her rubs and cuddles. She was a fighter from the very beginning!

After weeks of TLC and two surgeries, Maggie was a fit and happy young cat and ready for re-homing! We were all so attached to Maggie, but were delighted when she got a fantastic new home with the O’Sullivan family.