Vaccinating your rabbit

Vaccinating your rabbit

Vaccinating your rabbit

Rabbits are becoming a popular choice of family pet and its important to remember that they need to be vaccinated just like a cat or a dog. There are three diseases which are seen frequently in rabbits, two of which are caused by viruses which can be vaccinated against:

  • Myxomatosis
  • VHD (Viral Haemorrhagic Disease)

In order to prevent your rabbit getting sick, make sure you book them in for an annual vaccination (both indoor and outdoor rabbits).


How can your rabbit get sick?

Your pet rabbit can become infected either by direct exposure to infected wild rabbits or more commonly from biting insects such as rabbit and cat fleas or midges. Viruses can also be spread through objects that infected rabbits have been exposed to. VHD can survive for months in the environment so even indoor rabbits are at risk.

For example, the hay and fresh food you feed your rabbit might have been harvested from land where wild rabbits grazed or you could bring the virus into your home via your car wheels, dogs paws, clothes or shoes.


When should you vaccinate your rabbit?

Vaccination of your rabbit against these two infectious diseases can be carried out once your rabbit is just 6 weeks old. The vaccine protects your own pet and prevents it from being a carrier of disease and spreading infection. Immunity to these diseases does not last indefinitely so regular updates are vital to maintain this.