Dog & Puppy Vaccinations

Your dog or puppy needs to be routinely vaccinated to protect them against the many diseases that are widespread in the canine community. Vaccinations are very quick and painless. At the time of their vaccinations, your dog will receive a full health check, which gives the vet an opportunity to pick up on any health issues before they become a problem.


When should I vaccinate my dog or puppy?

Vaccinations should start when your puppy is 7 weeks old. An initial course usually consists of two injections that are administered over a few weeks. This is done to help their bodies build up immunity to particular diseases.

If your dog will be visiting dog kennels, or lives in a busy built up community, we also recommend that they receive a Kennel Cough vaccination to prevent this highly contagious virus. Likewise, if your dog is going to be traveling abroad, please enquire about getting a Rabies vaccination.


Maintaining my dog’s vaccinations

Your dog’s initial puppy vaccinations is not enough to protect them for life so this should be followed by an annual booster vaccine. Your dog’s annual booster is essential in maintaining immunity and will ensure your dog remains fit and healthy and able to fight off infection and disease.

If you would like advice on your dog’s vaccination status, or would like to make a vaccination appointment, contact one of our nurses today.