Neutering your dog

Neutering your dog

Neutering your dog

If you’re not planning on breeding your dog then having them neutered is one of the most responsible and safest decisions you will make for them.  Hundreds of healthy dogs are put to sleep in our dog pounds every week and the problem of dog over population in Ireland is just getting worse, so if you are thinking about breeding your dog try and be sure you are making the most responsible decision.


Why do I need to neuter my dog?

Whilst the main aim of spaying (for females) and castrating (for males) is to prevent unwanted breeding, there are also a range of health benefits such as prevention of testicular and ovarian cancer, which are very common in un-neutered dogs as they get older.

Neutering your dog can also help with some behavioural issues that you may be experiencing with your dog. Neutered males are generally less aggressive towards both other animals and humans, easier to train and manage and are generally happier and more relaxed dogs! Females who are spayed will not come into heat, which can often trigger some problematic behavioural and hormonal issues too.


Neutering Procedure and aftercare

Neutering is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure, and usually your dog will be able to return home to recover on the same day as their surgery. At Treaty Vets you can rest assured that your pet will be both safe and comfortable at all times while they are in our care. Our highly qualified and experienced team carry out a number of in-depth checks prior to any kind of surgery and use the safest available anaethesia drugs and monitoring equipment to ensure that your pet’s health is never compromised.

If you have any questions about neutering your dog contact any member of our team who will talk you through the process and arrange the best suitable time for you and your dog.