When your cat is ill

When your cat is ill

None of us want to imagine our cat being sick or injured and we always hope that our clients never have to face this worry! But unfortunately, even the best minded cats suffer from illness or injury, especially as they start to get older.


Pet Care

At Treaty Vets we offer a heated and comfortable inpatient facility for very sick pets and for those recovering from routine surgery. Our team are highly trained in small animal inpatient care, fluid therapy and emergency care and are dedicated to providing the best intensive care to our sick patients, ensuring they are relaxed and worry free. We are always on stand by to give extra cuddles and love to our patients while they spend time away from home!


State of the art pet care facility

Should your cat become ill, we have a range of in-house diagnostic equipment, which allows us to rapidly investigate your pet’s condition while obtaining rapid results, enhancing your pet’s diagnosis and outcome. Our diagnostic facilities include the use of extensive blood analysis, digital x-ray, ultrasound scanning, ECG testing, blood pressure testing and much more, most of which allows for same day results.

At Treaty Vets we treat our sick patient’s as though they are our own, and we believe that the extra love and personal attention we provide leads to a quicker recovery time.