Vaccinating your cat

Vaccinating your cat

Vaccinating your cat or kitten

As with dogs, we see a huge number of sick cats whose illnesses could have been prevented through vaccination.  With the high number of stray and feral cats roaming in Ireland, the spread of disease is far too common, which is why we constantly feel the need to highlight the importance of keeping your cats vaccines up to date.


When should I vaccinate my cat or kitten?

Vaccinations are very quick and almost pain-free, and start when your kitten is 7 weeks old. An initial course usually consists of two injections that are administered over a few weeks. This is done to help their bodies build up immunity to particular diseases. This is followed by an annual booster vaccine. At the time of their vaccinations, your cat will receive a full health check, which gives the vet an opportunity to pick up on any health issues before they become a problem.

If your cat will be visiting a cattery at any stage, a certificate from your vet containing their vaccination history will be required.


Maintaining my cats vaccinations

Their annual booster is essential in maintaining immunity- their initial kitten vaccinations are not enough to protect them for life. Maintaining their annual booster vaccinations will ensure your cat remains healthy and able to fight off infection and disease.

If you would like advice on your cat’s vaccination status, or would like to make a vaccination appointment, contact one of our nurses today.