Getting a new kitten

Getting a new kitten

Adopt a kitten

There is an extremely high volume of stray and wandering un-neutered cats in Ireland, which leads to large numbers of homeless litters looking for forever homes. Animal sanctuaries are constantly over flowing with kittens looking for homes, so it’s no surprise that the majority of kittens we see coming to the vet are rescue cats.


Pure bred kittens

We do also see a smaller majority of purebred kittens who have been bought from breeders, in which case the same rules apply as buying a dog. Check out the breeder history, ask to meet the parents and see where the kittens are living.

Regardless of where you get your new kitten or cat from, make sure you get proof of any vaccinations or parasite control measures.


Introducing your kitten

Introducing a kitten to your household is exciting and fun! But it can be stressful for the kitten itself and for any pets that may already live in your house! Make sure you prepare yourself and your home for the introduction and be sure to talk to a member of our nursing team for some tips on how to make this transition as stress free as possible.