Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick
Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick

Services - Surgery

We perform a wide range of surgical procedures, such as routine neutering, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. A range of tests/procedures may be carried out prior to surgery to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. These may include blood tests, fine needle aspirates, biopsies, radiography and ultrasonography.

A full clinical examination is carried out by the veterinary surgeon on the morning of your pets surgery. We have an appointed surgical nurse dedicated solely to the care of our surgical patients during their stay with us.

We use closed circuit gaseous anaesthesia for all our surgical patients, which is the safest anaesthesia available for your pet. This allows for a rapid and smooth recovery following surgery.

An anaesthetic nurse is responsible for monitoring all of our surgical patients during their anaesthetic and we use a wide range of monitoring equipment such as an ECG monitor, pulse oximeter, apnoea alert monitor and oesophageal stethescope.