Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick
Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick

Services - Preventative Health Care

Canine Vaccinations

We strongly recommend vaccinating your puppy from six weeks of age. The vaccination course includes two injections, the first to be given from six weeks of age and the second from ten weeks. The diseases vaccinated against include Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza. Dogs require an annual booster to maintain immunity against these diseases.

In the event of your dog going to a boarding kennel, we recommend that the Kennel Cough vaccine is given 2 weeks prior to kennelling to ensure full protection. This vaccine also provides immunity for a year and we recommend that it is given at the same time as the annual booster.

We also provide rabies vaccinations and blood tests, which are required for pets travelling abroad.

Flea Control

We advise all year round flea control. There is a full range of anti-flea pet and household products available within our retail outlet.

Feline Vaccinations

It is important that cats are vaccinated against many serious diseases such as influenza, enteritis and leukemia. The primary vaccination course should commence at eight weeks of age and consists of two injections, given two or three weeks apart, depending on the age of your kitten. Prior to the leukemia vaccine, we would advise that all cats are blood tested to ensure they do not already carry the feline leukemia virus.

We also advise blood testing for Feline AIDs, (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/FIV) , as this virus can seriously affect the health of your cat. However, there is currently no vaccine available against FIV.


We advise regular worming from two weeks of age in both puppies and kittens. Various products are available and reminder cards can be sent to you on request.