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Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick Canine PhysiotherapyTreaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick Canine Physiotherapy

Uniquely, Treaty Veterinary Clinic is providing a physiotherapy service to companion animals as it is now home to Limerick Canine Physiotherapy.

Limerick Canine Physiotherapy is a dedicated veterinary physiotherapy referral service and is run by our own Veterinary Nurse, Karen, who is also a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist.

An extensive range of rehabilitation therapies are provided, including the use of passive exercises, massage, specific core stability work and movement therapies. Our electrotherapy modalities include the use of Pulsed Electro Magnatherapy, Ultrasound Therapy, LASER and Phototherapy. A suitable physiotherapy programme will be prescribed for your pet, aimed at providing pain relief and optimising healing while regaining and maintaining core strength stability, proprioceptive function and joint and muscle function, strength and endurance.

Clinics are available for patients following orthopaedic surgery or injury as well as specific clinics for elderly animals aimed at reducing stiffness and muscle weakness, providing them with the best possible quality of life

Limerick Canine Physiotherapy is committed to working with you and your pet to reach planned treatment goals while using set outcome measures to continuously monitor your pet's progress.

Please phone Karen to arrange an appointment on 085 7826614 or Email The majority of Pet Insurance companies provide cover for Physiotherapy. Please check with your insurer prior to your appointment and bring any insurance details with you on the day.

Please note Limerick Canine Physiotherapy works only through veterinary referral, please request a referral form for your vet to sign when making your appointment.