Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick
Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick

Services - Geriatric / After 8 Clinic

Just like us, our pets will age and grow old. Geriatric animals are prone to many of the same diseases that older humans get, for example diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and cancer to name but a few.

With modern medical equipment and in-house blood analysis, we can take a more proactive approach to monitoring your petís health. Close monitoring helps identify problems early on, which means earlier treatment resulting in a longer and healthier life for your pet.

We recommend regular blood testing of all pets over 8 years of age. Tracy, our head nurse, runs an after 8 club, during which the general health of your pet is discussed.

These checks include:

  • Free health assessment from head to tail and advice
  • Free urinalysis (used to detect kidney damage
  • Free health check every six months

To Avail of this service phone for an appointment with our head nurse, Tracy.