Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick
Treaty Veterinary Clinic, Limerick

Services - Diagnostics

Radiology- As part of our diagnostic services, we offer a fully computerised, digital Xray facility. This allows for instantaneous Xray results, which can be displayed on high resolution monitors throughout our clinic. We also take and submit Xrays for the BVA hip and elbow dysplasia scoring scheme for breeding purposes.

Ultrasound- The clinic offers advanced ultrasound technology to help diagnose your pet’s condition without having to perform invasive procedures. Ultrasound can be a very useful tool to view organs in the abdomen and chest in detail, enhancing your pet’s diagnosis and outcome.

ECG- Our ECG machine facilitates a quick diagnosis of cardiac conditions in pet’s. It allows for accurate diagnosis of various conditions such as irregular heartbeats, mitral valve disease and many other cardiac conditions which allows us to quickly treat these patients accordingly.

Laboratory- We have a comprehensive, in house laboratory, including haematology and biochemistry blood testing, which allows for quick and accurate results when diagnosing diseases in dogs and cats. This technology can make the difference between life and death when treating very sick patients. We routinely carry out fine needle aspirates and skin scrapings and examine them microscopically, which aids with the diagnosis of a variety of conditions.